Lympstone C of E Primary School

“Let all that you do be done in love.”
(1 Corinthians 16:14).


At Lympstone Primary School, we are committed to creating a culture where reading is valued and enjoyed by all children and the wider school community. We intend that children are exposed to a range of high quality ‘Blue Print’ texts through a variety of contexts that are rich in language, structure, theme and diversity. We are committed to providing the opportunity for children to read, handle and enjoy a breadth of carefully selected texts in a range of formats to immerse themselves in being able to learn to read for pleasure and in turn, read to learn. We want children to develop their own preferences and be able to recognise authors and styles of reading. Overall, we intend that our children leave school able to read fluently with understanding and having been fed a rich, varied ‘diet’ of literature that both enlightens and inspires whilst enabling them to interact with their peers using a lifelong skill.  To ensure that reading skills are taught and learnt progressively we use a book band colour system through out the school from Reception to Year 6 whilst also encouraging children to choose and enjoy their own books of interest.

Year 1 assessment sheet

Year 2 assessment sheet

Year 3 & 4 assessment sheet

Year 5 & 6 assessment sheet

Development of age appropriate knowledge

Reading progression

Poetry curriculum

Reading spine


Our Ofsted 2022 inspection recognised that:

"Staff promote a love of reading from the moment children start school"