Lympstone C of E Primary School

“Let all that you do be done in love.”
(1 Corinthians 16:14).

WOW Weeks

There is something very special about a broad and balanced curriculum that allows for scope and creativity. Once every term, we plan and deliver completely bespoke lessons and activities that are off our usual curriculum. For a week our focus becomes a whole school mini project; these projects are either linked to something very topical in our lives or the news, a subject that we feel we need to embrace in more detail, or an area to investigate which we as staff feel strongly about and through which can see many varied learning opportunities.

Our WOW weeks are usually centred around a text or a visitor who starts the week off inspirationally. Classes then develop their own learning path based on the chosen theme. Activities and learning will continue to see Maths and English but there will be an emphasis on holistic learning through experience, involvement and creativity. All wow week work is recorded in our presentation books and allows for individual artistic flair and interpretation. Wow weeks usually culminate in a whole class or whole school lasting outcome, this may be a piece of art work, a competition, a DT project or a role play activity.  There is always a sharing assembly at the end of the week where all classes share their learning from the week.

Our children and teachers love the freedom and creativity that wow weeks allow, they often evolve as the week progresses depending on the knowledge, views and enthusiasm of the children. Our children will tell you that they love working in their presentation books and find wow weeks inspiring, interesting and thoroughly enjoyable. Parents will tell you that they learn so much form their children during wow weeks!

Our next wow week begins on 22nd February.  Please click here for further information.

Previous WOW weeks include  :

  • I love Lympstone
  • Rivers and seas
  • Pray Joy Serve
  • British Values
  • Where my wellies take me