Lympstone C of E Primary School

“Let all that you do be done in love.”
(1 Corinthians 16:14).

Whole School Curriculum

Our curriculum statement delivers our school vision-


‘Let all that you do be done in love’

1 Corinthians 16:14


 At the heart of our school is sense of community where we celebrate individuals and share our values to enhance the local and global family.  Our values underpin everything we do. These are:

Love, Peace, Compassion, Courage, Forgiveness, Justice and Equality

With this is mind, our curriculum is built on the foundations of six cogs of rich learning. These are:




Our curriculum is based on our school vision of ‘let all that you do be done in love’ promoting enjoyment in all aspects of learning. It also aims to develop the key attributes of learning for life which we deploy through each subject in everyday teaching and learning across the curriculum. The curriculum at Lympstone Primary School is underpinned by the National Curriculum 2014 and identifies the progression of developmental skill, knowledge and challenge. This is enhanced by ensuring that we have a broad and deep subject coverage to value individual preferences and talents, ensuring that children are inspired and access opportunities that are relevant to their future.

We encourage children to take part in a variety of new opportunities and experiences that are both academic and social to discover new skills and develop a love of learning .

Our curriculum promotes resilience and independence to enable success and happiness in the wider world.

Our curriculum is planned over a two year rolling programme and covers all areas of the national curriculum. We believe in a hands on approach to learning and give the children as many experiences and opportunities to explore and enquire about different subject areas. We ensure that we involve trips, activities and visitors to bring our curriculum to life.

We teach Maths and English daily and Phonics for those in KS1. Our Maths planning is based on the White Rose programme and our English is based on the texts that teach. Our reading scheme is led by book bands which we are now stocking throughout KS2 as well as KS1 to ensure that children continue to access a wide range of genres and vocabulary once they become independent readers.

We also practice daily mindfulness which could be anything from yoga to breathing exercises to calm colouring.

All other curriculum subjects are covered across the week or sometimes in blocks of afternoon sessions. This includes PE which is taught twice weekly in KS2 and more frequently in KS1.

Our curriculum is designed to ensure coverage of all of the National Curriculum objectives, skills and knowledge from year 1 to year 6.  You can access the National Curriculum document here. 

Reception follow the Foundation Stage Early Years curriculum which can be accessed here.

Each subject has a co-ordinator who ensures that the content of the National Curriculum is being covered and that the children are growing in their skills and understanding of each subject. You can find out more about each subject and view the policy under the curriculum areas. There is also a learning journey for each subject which will show you how the subject progresses over the seven years in primary school.

We assess the learning in each area as it takes place and therefore make amendments to planning to meet the ever changing needs of the children. This could include giving additional challenge material or providing additional support and scaffolding.

Our assessment package is based on acquisition of the national curriculum objectives but we also use the Rainbow continuum which track the development of skills across the years for all subjects. You can view this document here.

First and foremost we have ensured that our curriculum is inspiring, interesting, very broad and fun.

Each subject is important and we aim to give our children the opportunity to flourish in wherever their skills and interests lie through providing quality first teaching and learning and a broad range of opportunities and activities in all subject areas.

Curriculum Policy

Rolling Programme

We are currently in year A of the rolling programme.

Learning Journey Art

Learning Journey Computing

Learning Journey Design Technology

Learning Journey Geography

Learning Journey History

Learning Journey MFL

Learning Journey Music

Learning Journey PE

Learning Journey PSHE

Learning Journey RE

Learning Journey Science

We do not design learning journeys for Maths and English as they follow the annual National Curriculum planning.  In Maths we use the White Rose framework and in English we use The Texts that Teach framework.  You can find out more about these frameworks under the Maths & English pages.

Our 2022 Ofsted report recognises that 

"the curriculum is designed well in many subjects."